“Behind every successful designer is a knowledgeable workroom”

Sugar & Spice can offer an interior designer specialized services that larger commercial workrooms typically cannot or will not accommodate. We can be as involved as the designer desires. We can handle the job from the start to final installation for a referral fee OR simply fabricate from your submitted work order with “wholesale” pricing applied.

Some of our services include but are not limited to:

  • Prompt quoting with yardage/hardware requirements within 2 days
  • Accessibility to owners/fabricators via phone, email or text
  • Accessibility to the workroom by appointment
  • Access to all of our vendor resources
  • Critical measures and templates (through our installers)
  • Specifying and ordering of hardware
  • Quick lead times
  • Agreed upon deadlines are always met
  • Coordinated professional installation services through JBEI

Sugar & Spice’s superior workmanship and standards allows the designer’s work to shine.

A Few Elements That Set Us Apart

In Progress

  • Always pleat to pattern whenever possible
  • Custom made ripplefold tape for pattern repeat or special fullness
  • “No- Stitch” tops for ripplefold draperies
  • Perfectly matched pattern repeats on all seams
  • Weighted bead chain hems in lining and sheer draperies
  • Child compliant head rails and fabrication on all Roman shades
  • Expertise in over sized functional draperies
  • Specialize in whole house fabrication projects

Finished Product